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About Fulvisan

Carbohydrate-Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™) is an internationally patented safe, non-toxic, water-soluble and heat-stable active ingredient for use in food, medicines and health supplements. It’s a new, pure and uniform version (batch to batch consistency) of an ancient medicinal ingredient from nature’s process – environmental Fulvic Acid. Over a decade of extensive studies have been concluded at world-renowned medical institutions specifically regarding the efficacy of CHD-FA™. Our aim was to rely on proven supporting data instead of anecdotal data and general information. Is Fulvic Acid effective? Yes, CHD-FA™ is effective, safe and tested. We often get asked: “Is Fulvic Acid safe to use?” We’re extremely proud to report that, yes, CHD-FA™ (Fulvic Acid) is safe to use for humans and animals. We’ve spent over a decade and millions of rands on safety and toxicity studies completed to allopathic standards for CHD-FA™.

About Our Products


The future of surface disinfectant. Offering a safer way to disinfect, 100% safe and 100& effective. Great for the environment and Organic certified.


A concentrated detergent offering a clean, safe environment. Great for daily use in the home, playground, classroom or office. Totally non corrosive.


Save water today. Happy Loo kills odour causing bacteria. A great addition to any toilet at home or the office.


When you care about your skin, use an effective, tested, non-alcohol based sanitizer that foes no harm.


view the CHD-FA efficacy Studies.

Successful Test results against Coronavirus

Some Of The Ingredients We Use.


With so many beneficial uses, Lemongrass is known for it's natural cleaning properties such as purifying the air, repelling pests and general disinfection, amongst many others.

Tea Tree Oil

Because of it's disinfectant properties, tea tree oil has become a popular addition to many natural cleaning products.

Citric Acid

Not only does Citric Acid kill bacteria, moulds and mildew, it also removes soap scum, hard water stains and calcium deposits, and therefore is great for natural cleaning products.